Special Thanks

to the following for helping make this league a success






Women's League

Most NCAA rules will be in effect:

  1. Letter for Division 1 players needed from school.
  2. You may add or take off any player during the league. You may trade a player, if both coaches agree, no later than the beginning of the 3rd week of league play.
  3. A player is eligible for the playoffs and championship games only if she has played in at least 1 league game, or both coaches agree otherwise. (Protests will be dealt with by the league director.)            Playoffs.  1st vs 4th   &   2nd vs 3rd 
  4. Players must wear full uniforms with numbers.
  5. If 2 teams are tied for any of the first 5 positions at the end of league play, that slot will go to the team that beat the other during league play. If 3 or more teams are tied for any position and have beaten each other in league play, add and subtract points of teams involved with the highest point team getting the remaining slots.
  6. Teams are responsible for getting team uniforms (number on front and back). Also, make sure team members understand they play at their own risk, as this league and its organizers assume no liability for any accidents or injuries.