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Wendell McKines guarding Aaron Gordon

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Sam Allen on the drive

Last Year--2013 Standings:


SF City                         6-1

Bay Raiders                6-1       

East Bay                      5-2    

Bay City                      3-4   

South Bay                   3-4              


Bay Pride                    3-4   

Dream Team               1-6

Believers                     1-6

If there is 3 or more teams tied for any position and they have beaten each other------- a + & - point system will be used to determine that open slot--then use head to head for the next open slot. 




             Men's Pro-Am Schedule           
games at

Kezar - 755 Stanyan at Waller Sts.-SF

Parking is a BIG Problem

Admission is free

     2014 (our 35th year)


Day Date Time Teams
Mon- 16 8 pm SF City vs South Bay                                            
Tues 17 8 pm Bay City  vs Bay Raiders                                      
Wed 18 8 pm Dream Team vs Oakland Believers                   
Thurs 19 8pm Bay Pride vs East Bay                                                                       
Mon 23 8 pm Bay Raiders vs East Bay                                               
Tues 24 8 pm Oakland  Believers vs SF City                                       
Wed 25 8 pm South Bay vs Bay Pride                                                   
Thurs 26 8pm Dream Team vs Bay City                                                     
Day Date Time Teams                             
Mon 30 8pm South Bay vs Bay City                                        
Tues 1 8pm Oakland Believers vs East Bay                                         
Wed 2 8 pm Bay Pride  vs SF City                                           
Thurs 3 8pm Dream Team vs Bay Raiders                                   
Mon 7 8 pm Bay Pride vs Bay Raiders                                                        
Tues 8 8 pm Dream Team vs South Bay                               
Wed 9 8 pm Bay City  vs Believers                                                                            
Thurs 10 8 pm East Bay   vs SF City                                                                   
Mon 14 8 pm SF City vs Bay Raiders                                            
Tues 15 8 pm Oakland Believers  vs South Bay                       
Wed 16 8 pm Dream Team vs East Bay                                              
Thurs 187 8 pm Bay City   vs Bay Pride                                          
Mon 21 8 pm Bay  Raiders vs South Bay                                        
Tues 22 8 pm Dream Team vs SF City                                                      
Wed 23 8 pm Bay City  vs East Bay                                              
Thurs 24 8 pm Bay Pride   vs Oakland Believers                   
Day Date Time Teams
Mon 28 8pm South Bay vs East Bay                                                     
Tues 29 8 pm Bay City vs SF City                                                 
Wed 30 8 pm Oakland Believers vs Bay Raiders                       
Thurs 31 8 pm Bay Pride vs Dream Team                                            
Mon  4 8pm Playoffs--- 2nd vs 5th    - -1st pl sits                                               
Tues 5 8 pm Playoffs--  3rd vs 4th     -- --1st pl sits                                                      
Thurs 7 8pm Playoffs--  winners of 8/4 & 8/5 meet
Mon 11 8pm

CHAMPIONSHIP  Game 1- winner of League meets winner of 8/7 

Wed 13 8pm CHAMPIONSHIP   Game 2-                                                                         
Fri 15 8pm CHAMPIONSHIP   Game 3-  if Necessary