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     Summer-SF Pro-Am

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Wendell McKines guarding Aaron Gordon

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Stephen Curry plays a game at SF Pro-Am-2014

2014 Standings:

Bay Raiders               5-1       

Oakland Believers     3-3      

South Bay                  3-3         

Dream Team             3-3

SF City                       3-3                 

Bay Pride                   3-3

Bay City                     2-4

East Bay                    2-4            



If there is 3 or more teams tied for any position and they have beaten each other------- a + & - point system will be used to determine that open slot--then use head to head for the next open slot. 




             Men's Pro-Am Schedule           
games at

Kezar - 755 Stanyan at Waller Sts.-SF

Parking is a BIG Problem

Admission is free

     2015 (our 36th year)


Day Date Time Teams
Mon- 15 8 pm SF City vs South Bay                                            
Tues 16 8 pm Bay City  vs Bay Raiders                                           
Wed 17 8 pm Dream Team vs Oakland Believers             
Thurs 18 8pm Bay Pride vs East Bay                                                            
Mon 22 8 pm Bay Raiders vs East Bay                                                
Tues 23 8 pm Oakland  Believers vs SF City                                          
Wed 24 8 pm South Bay vs Bay Pride                                                
Thurs 25 8pm Dream Team vs Bay City                                                   
Day Date Time Teams                             
Mon 29 8pm South Bay vs Bay City                                            
Tues 30 8pm Oakland Believers vs East Bay                                   
Wed 1 8 pm Bay Pride  vs SF City                                               
Thurs 2 8pm Dream Team vs Bay Raiders                                     
Mon 6 8 pm Bay Pride vs Bay Raiders                                                   
Tues 7 8 pm Dream Team vs South Bay                                    
Wed 8 8 pm Bay City  vs Believers                                                 
Thurs 9 8 pm  East Bay   vs SF City                                                                 
Mon 13 8 pm SF City vs Bay Raiders                                                                 
Tues 14 8 pm Oakland Believers  vs South Bay                           
Wed 15 8 pm Dream Team vs East Bay                                            
Thurs 16 8 pm Bay City   vs Bay Pride                                               
Mon 20 8 pm Bay  Raiders vs South Bay                                        
Tues 21 8 pm Dream Team vs SF City                                                         
Wed 22 8 pm Bay City   vs East Bay                                                    
Thurs 23 8 pm Bay Pride   vs Oakland Believers                                
Day Date Time Teams
Mon 27 8pm South Bay vs East Bay                                                     
Tues 28 8 pm Bay City vs SF City                                                 
Wed 29 8 pm Oakland Believers vs Bay Raiders                       
Thurs 30 8 pm Bay Pride vs Dream Team                                            
Mon  3 8pm Playoffs--- 2nd vs 5th    - -1st pl sits                                               
Tues 4 8 pm Playoffs--  3rd vs 4th     -- --1st pl         sits                                                      
Thurs 6 8pm Playoffs--  winners of 8/3 & 8/4 meet
Mon 10 8pm

CHAMPIONSHIP  Game 1- winner of League meets winner of 8/6 

Wed 12 8pm CHAMPIONSHIP   Game 2-                                                                         
Fri 14 8pm CHAMPIONSHIP   Game 3-  if Necessary