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179.JPG (62800 bytes)   Playoff Time



McKines.jpg (105084 bytes)

      Wendell Mckines on the shot                                                               



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KiWi Gardner tries for the block



Butler.jpg (49314 bytes)

Cordell Butler ready to move



 062.JPG (36352 bytes)

 KiWi-all 5-7"



701.JPG (60356 bytes)

                     Charles Standifer gets up


                              Justin Graham-

                         Drew Gordon Does it         Jeremy Lin and Drew Gordon--     2013

Kent Bazemore and Justin Dentmon--2013







Rosters - Men



                   2014 Rosters will be posted in early June

Coach:  Al Gordon
--Richard Morton                           
Some of these players will not be in town every week for their game.
Scott Machado 6-0 When in town-
Vgo Okam 6-11 Harvard-
Cervante Burrell 5-10 Seattle Un.
Drew Gordon 6-9 New Mexico/Italy
Eric Obeysekere 6-9 Holy Cross
Aris Morton 6-2 Consumnes River
Robbie Lemons 6-3 Stanford
Bennie Murray 6-4 Chaminade
Andrew Zimmerman 6-9 Stanford
Frank Otis 6-6 Weber St.
Adrian Oliver 6-4 Sac. St
Jourdan Demuynck 6-9 Prairie View A&M
Chris Ferguson 6-8 MCU/Japan
Moses Omolade 6-8 San Jose St/Globetrott.
Jonathon Williams 6-5 Wagner College
Aaron Mollet 6-4 ABA
Justin Graham 6-5 Weber St.


Coach: --Sly Hunter
Jovan Harris 6-2 Mexico
Morgan Sabia 6-10 Japan
Dillion Sabia 6-5 Marin JC
Jeremy Dennis 6-5 Cal Poly
Devougn Lamont 6-9 ABA
Kruize Pinkins 6-7 enter USF
Jerome Gumbs 6-4 England
Mikhael McKinney 6-2 Sac.St.
Andy Johnson 6-0 ABA
Uche Ofoegbu 6-4 enter USF
Evan Grimes 6-1 Modesto
  Brandon Wiley 6-6 Los Ma



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Coach:  Michael Baldwin   Tim Kennedy

Trae Clark 6-0 Philippines
JamarColbert 5-10 Southern Un
Jeremy Lin 6-4 when of town
Joseph Lin 5-11 Hamilton College
Finn Rebassoo 6-3 Occidental
Diamon Simpson 6-8 Israel
Steven Lumpkins 6-8 American Un
Jerry Brown 6-7  Santa Clara 
Leon  Hart
Tim Williams 6-9 ex St. Mary's
Wayne Hunter 6-3 St. Mary's
LaMar DeVerney 6-1 Tabor
Shawn Lewis 6-5 Cal Poly

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BAY RAIDERS- 2013                               

Coach: Brian Thomasson-Topper Allen     GM-Don Johnson

Ivan Elliot      6-8            Germany  
James Doran 6-4             ABA
Ryan Wessels  6-9            SF State
Marquel Hoskins 6-0             SF St.
Nefi Perdomo 6-2             SF St.
Rob Jones 6-6      St. Mary's/Poland
Trevor Dunbar 5-10           St. Ignatius
Cardell Butler 6-4             Utah St
De'End Parker 6-4             USF
Mac Peterson 6-3             San Jose st
Chris Adams 6-9             ABA
Justin Cobbs 6-3             Cal
Josh Simms 6-6            ABA
Winston Demmin 6-5             SF State
Langston Walker 6-5             Oregon St
Festus Eeli 6-9             injured reserve
Jabari Bird 6-6             Enter Cal


SF CITY-2013 --Coach:  Carl Jacobs, Rick Lewis
Kent Bazemore 6-7 when in town
John Bryant 6-11 Germany
Austin Nichols 6-6 France
John Tofi 6-8 Belgium
Ike Okoye 6-9 Germany
Dominque Johnson 6-3 D-League
Dominic Calegari 6-9 D Lea./Spain
Janou Rubin 6-5 Hungry
Eryk Thomas 6-5 Finland
Will Cherry 6-2 Montana
Shawn Buckingham 6-7 ABA
Xander McNally 6-0 Domincan
    Sam Allen 6-0 UC Santa Cruz
Justin Dentmon 6-0 D-League mvp 
Shawn Buckingham 6-5 ABA
Desmond Simmons 6-7 Un. Wash.
Dominic Artis 6-1 Un. Oregon
Griffin Rily 6-6 Spain
Sam Yeager 6-5 Cal st Fullerton
Mario Flaherty 6-10 New Zealand
John Noist 6-8 Dominican
Tony Johnson 5-11 Lafayatte

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Bay City-2013                                                                                                
Coach--Lawrence Holliday--Donnie Martin,Cliff Brazile

Adrian McCullough 5-10 Un. Nevada/Reno
Brian Goins 5-10 San Bernadino
Travis Derochowski 6-9 Germany
Aumen Holliday 5-9 T. Marshall
Jeff Jones 6-9 Taiwan
Justin Browley 6-8 St. Johns
Jimmy Allen 6-10 ABA
Maceo Bell 6-4 Merritt
Cinque Holliday 6-3 Encinal
Larry Wicket 6-4 Contra Costa
Ivan Rabb 6-8 B.O'Dowd HS
Lawrence Donnelson 6-10  William Jess. Un.
Reggie Henderson 6-7 Alameda JC
Carlos Smothers 6-3
Cory Douglas 6-9
Herb Taylor 6-3
Kevin  Murray 5-10 Mission
Justin Downer 6-3 Sac st
Bobby Soto 5-10 DVC
Janvier Alaby 6-1 Kearny
Roy Giles 6-2 Manuga
Paris Austin O'Dowd
Don Washington 6-8 N.D.

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Coach:  Dean Maye--Sam Manneh ,             
E. Safire,Howard Smith, "Cell Phone" Merv        
  Matt Barnes 6-7 when in town
Ray Young UCLA
Tim Pierce 6-7 Germany
  Bennie Rhoades 6-6 Fresno St.
  Thad Wilkes 6-1 Marin
  Chris Kelly 5-10 Sonoma St.
Chris Edwards 6-7 ABA
  Raysean Hairston 6-6 CCSF
  Raven Simpson 6-2 Kansas CC 
  Arturo Noha 6-3 England
Colin Chiverton 6-5 E. Wash.
Perker Meeks 6-1 World
Taylor Johns 6-7 UC Riverside
Mike Travis 6-9 Jackson st
Mike Canpbell 6-6 St Francis Un
Antonio Kellogg 6-4 USF
Rae Jackson 6-0 San Jose st
Dulant Robinson 5-9 CCSF
Taylor Johns 6-8 Riverside
Josh Keys 6-6 Arkansas
  Moses Keys 6-5 New Mexico

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Coach:  Al Bown, Ryant Diew,                
           Mike Chambers                         
John Gage 6-10 Stanford
Ian Salter 6-11 Toledo Un
Darell Birton 5-11  Charminade
Tanner Giddings 6-10 Fresno St-when in town
Wayne Tucker 6-2
Jon Darwin 6-6 Chabot JC
Aaron Walker 6-4 Merced JC
Tim Pratt 6-6 SF State
Rueben Lewis 6-4 ABA
Reginald Smith 6-5 ABA
Mike Scott 6-7 ABA
Kevin Johnson 6-7 Germany
Matt Jenkins 6-4 Napa College
Al Jefferson 6-11 ABA
Robert Truman 7-0 ex Cal
Jeff Powers 6-8 Cal
Jon Darwinn
Ryan Diew Head Royce HS
Grant Veroheven 6-8 Stanford
Glen Burell 6-4
Tim Pratt 6-6 SF St.
Tanner Bryden 6-6 W.Valley JC
Vincent Golson 5-7  Fresno CC

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