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179.JPG (62800 bytes)   Playoff Time



McKines.jpg (105084 bytes)

      Wendell Mckines on the shot                                                               



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KiWi Gardner tries for the block



Butler.jpg (49314 bytes)

Cordell Butler ready to move



 062.JPG (36352 bytes)

 KiWi-all 5-7"



701.JPG (60356 bytes)

                     Charles Standifer gets up


                              Justin Graham-

                         Drew Gordon Does it                                                                                                                                Jeremy Lin and Drew Gordon-2013     

Kent Bazemore and Justin Dentmon--2013--

Stephen Curry plays a game at SF Pro-Am--2014





Rosters - Men




Coach:  Al Gordon
--Richard Morton,Frank Williams                           
  Some of these players will not be in town every week for their game.    
  Dorell Wright 6-9 when in town
  Juan Anderson 6-2 Marquette
  Mohannad El Saddagh 6-0 Egypt Nat. Team
  Michael Lizarraga 6-8 Mexico
  Shawn Buckingham 6-5 ABA
  Tim Thomas 6-10 Spain
  Trev Abraham 5-9 Rice
  Manny Martin 6-6 Canada
  Deandre Ottis 6-0 SH
  Jourdan DeMuynck 6-8 Prairie View A&M/Greece
  Ray Cowels 6-3 Holland
  Keith Steffeck 6-8 Luxembourg
  Alex Okafor 6-8 France
  Terry Edwards    
  Kevin Loustale 6-5 CSU Mont.
  Byron Jones Jr 6-3 CCSF
  Anthony Navarrete 6-3 Greece
  Devin Watson 6-0 USF
  Chris Ferguson 6-9 France



Coach: --Sly Hunter--Alan Antonio--Sponsor-Blue & Gold Fleet

  Jovan Harris 6-3 Mexico
  Franco Harris 6-0 Mexico
  Desmond Simmons 6-7 St. Mary's
  Jalen Canty 6-7 Wyoming JC
  Jason Silsdorf 6-11 Phillipines
  Mikhael McKinney 6-2 Sac.St.
  Jerome Gumbs 6-5 Europe
  Wayne Oliver 6-5 China
  Kruize Pinkins 6-8 ex USF
  Dante Sykes 6-4 Aust
  Kerry Carter 6-3 ex St. Mary's
  Benny Gipson 5-9 PUC
  Sean Smith 6-4 Campo
  Jeremy Dennis 6-6 Cal Poly
  Uche Ofoegbu 6-4 USF
  Evan Grimes 6-1 Notre D De M
  Cole Dickerson 6-6 USF
  Shamell Stallworth 6-4 Brazil
  Jeremy Dennis 6-6 Cal-Poly



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Coach:   Tim Kennedy, Mike Baldwin--GM-Mike Baldwin 

  Drew Gordon 6-7 when in town
  Jerry Brown 6-7  Santa Clara-France 
  Michael Campbell 6-6 St. Francis Un
  Angelo Caloiaro 6-7 USF-Spain
  Frankie Ferrari 5-11 Enter Canada JC
  Thomas Peters 6-5 Pacific
  Gokul Natesan 6-5 Colorado Mines
  Akil Douglas 6-9 San Jose City College
  Henry Caruso 6-5 Princeton
  Perris Blackwell 6-9 Chile
  Elliott Pitts 6-5 Arizona
  Matt McAndrews 6-0 Foothill
  Diamon Simpson 6-8 Israel

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BAY RAIDERS- 2015                               

Coach: Brian Thomasson-Topper Allen     GM-Don Johnson

Jabari Brown 6-5               when in town
Marquel Hoskins 6-0             SF St./ABA
Nefi Perdomo 6-2             SF St./ABA
Mike Dabney 6-8            Bolivia
Rob Jones 6-6             Puerto Rico
Ryan Wessels 6-9 ABA
Trevor Dunbar 5-10    Enter CCSF
Cordell Butler 6-3     ABA
Chris Adams 6-9   ABA
Winston Denim 6-5             SF State/ABA
Mac Peterson 6-2    ABA
Sam Yeager 6-4    France
Moses Omolade 6-8        San Jose st./Globetrotters
Dominique Grant 6-1   ABA/Jacksonville
Daron Sims 6-5  Iceland
Arron Mollet 6-3  S.Cruz Warriors
Clayton Ladine 6-1  Burton
Arinze Chidon 6-7          O'Dowd


SF CITY-2015

Coach: Carl Jacobs, Asst-Jacob Hill,"New York" Nick,DeUndrae Perteet 

  Jeremiah Kreisberg 6-10 Northwestern
  Darien Townes 6-8 South Korea
  Austin Nichols 6-6 Germany
  Seth Snoddy 6-7 Skyline
  Soren Carpenter 6-1 Skyline
  Jason Smith 6-1 CCSF
  Vincent Golson 5-8 CCSF
  Chris Head 6-2 Philippines
  Chauncey Leslie 6-2 Egypt
  Kris Smith 6-6 Dubi
  Kevin Galloway 6-8 South Korea
  Udun Osakue 6-6 SF State 
  Derrick Brown 6-5 SF State 
  Armani Collins 6-4 S. Hall
  Eryk Thomas 6-6    
  Sam Allen 5-10 Santa Cruz
  Luke Chavez 6-4 College Of Marin
  Jack Wilson 6-9 Serra HS
  Rick Boyle   Sunset Un.     when in town

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Coach:  Dean Maye--Sam Manneh ,             
E. Safire,,Jerry Keys,Ricky Samson       
  Hunter Hayden 6-7 Ac of Art
  Eli Holman 6-11 D-League
  Jaquan Harrison 6-5 Bethel Cook
  Jeff Parker 6-5 West.Wash.
  Tray Britt 6-4 N.Mex St
  Ken Alexander 6-5 CCSF
  Rae Jackson 6-1 Chabot
  Langston Morris Walker 6-5 Or. St.
  Tristan Lacy 6-1 Con.CC
  Erik Kinney 6-5 Bakersfield
  Leon Heart 6-5  
  Josh Keys 6-7 Cen. Arlansas
  Moses Keys 6-5 New Mexico
  Dillon Sabia 6-3 Marin
  Deante Banks 5-9 ABA
  John Dickson 6-6 Columbia
  Mike Travis 6-9 ABA
  Riley Barker 6-7 Portland
  Chris Collins 6-5 Dom.Rep.
  Perker Meeks 6-1 Tex Tech/CCSF
  Orian Palmer 6-8 USA Deaf Team

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Coach:  Al Bown,             

           Mike Chambers,Danielle Adams                         
  Cortez Barrett 6-8 Chabot
  Jason Conrad 7-0 Holland
  Leo Smith 5-10 Meritt
  Ian Salters 7-0 England
  Delvon Nisby 6-3 Merritt
  Kevin Johnson Jr. 6-7 Poland
  Erik Fean 6-7 SF State
  Maquis Glenn 6-4 Maine
  Nate Cohen 6-1 Oberlin
  Devin Koeplin 5-9 CSU San Marcos
  Isaiah Pfizer 6-7 Mexico
  Gemeny Givens 6-0 St. Mary's-Tx
  Andre Jones 6-2 SF State
  Jamil Brown 6-4 CCSF
  Kendrick Holliman 6-2 Luxembourg
  Jahari Mcnight 6-2 NYIT
  Dave Brown 6-7  
  Will Overton 6-5 SF St.
  Antonio Kellogg 6-2  
  Damon Powell 6-6 Germany
  Nikhil Singh 6-1 Ill.Tech-Chicago
  Derek Morgan 6-0 Redwood
  Reuben Lewis 6-2 ABA
  Devin Koeplin    


Coaches-Lawrence Holliday,Cliff Case,Alex Humphey

  Matt Bergland 6-8 Puget Sound
  Paul Marigney 6-4 St.Mary's/Israel
  Brian Goins 5-10 San Bernadino Un.
  Larry Wickett Jr. 6-4 Vallejo
  Lawrence Holliday3 6-3 ARC
  Jimmy Allen 6-10 Singapore
  Sunny Margate 6-3 Philippines
  Roy Giles 5-11 Texas
  Randall Harding 6-3 Bakersfield
  Ronnie Baker 6-3 Un Alaska
  Don Washington 6-8 Notre Dame
  Byron Buckley 6-3 Contra Costa
  Andre Campbell 6-3 Uban
  Josh Hatcher 6-6 Chardon St
  Garrett Johnson 6-5 Fresno st.
  Juan Parker 6-7 Contra Costa
  Brett Cobett 6-8 Hastings
  Joel Crawford 6-5 Colorado
  Kenny Woodward 6-5  
  Adrian McCullough 5-10 ex Reno/Nev
  Leo Smith 5-8 PUC
  Divon Berry 6-6 Italy

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