Kezar Stadium
755 Stanyan Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Admission: free

Parking: There is very limited street parking, so we highly recommend public transportation if possible. Click the location you're coming from below to show instructions on how to take public transportation from your location to Kezar Stadium.

From Downtown SF

N-Judah (Muni)

  1. Go to the closest MUNI subway station (Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell, Civic Center or Van Ness).
  2. Take the Outbound N-Judah.
  3. Get off at Stanyan & Carl.
  4. Walk north (downhill) on Stanyan for a block then west (left) on Frederick to the gate.

71/71L Haight/Noriega (Muni)

  1. The 71 stops at all the same Market Street BART and MUNI stations that the N does, and runs the length of Haight Street.
  2. Get off between Masonic & Stanyan for the Haight-Ashbury shopping discrict.
  3. To get to Kezar, walk to the end of Haight, and turn left on Stanyan (at the McDonalds).

6 Haight/Parnassus (Muni)

  1. The 6 follows the same route as the 71 downtown, except it goes directly to the Transbay Terminal.
  2. Get off at Parnassus & Stanyan for the stadium.
  3. Walk north (downhill) on Stanyan for two blocks then west (left) on Frederick to the gate.
  4. To get back, do the same in reverse, or take the N.

Other SF areas
Three other Muni routes go to Kezar, the 33 Ashbury/18th (get off at Stanyan & Haight), the 37 Corbett (get off at Haight & Cole), and the 43 Masonic (get off at Parnassus & Stanyan or Haight & Cole). Click on them for more information.

From the East Bay


  1. Take BART to Civic Center station.
  2. Before you exit through the gates, pick up a MUNI transfer coupon. Go to the MUNI gate to take the N or go up on the street for the 71.
  3. Follow instructions from Downtown SF.

AC Transit Transbay

  1. Take a transbay bus to the Transbay Terminal.
  2. Follow instructions from Downtown SF. The 6 Parnassus stops at the Terminal. The closest underground station is Montgomery, a couple blocks away on Market.

From the Peninsula/South Bay


  1. Get a DAY PASS instead of buying two one-way tickets. The day pass is the same price as two one-ways, and it means you don't have to waste time buying another ticket on the way home (which may be helpful if you're trying to make the 10 pm train).
  2. Take the train all the way to 4th & King station.
  3. Go to the island platform for the N on King Street and buy a Muni ticket.
  4. Take it all the way to Stanyan & Carl.
  5. Walk north (downhill) on Stanyan for a block then west (left) on Frederick to the gate.

From the North Bay and beyond

Golden Gate Transit operates a bunch of buses that go to downtown SF, check for one near you here. Make sure it runs after 10pm on Saturdays.